Our productions copyrights are protected by the digital qualified signature scheme. The masters of the tracks are digitally signed from the authors and timestamped(*)

You can find a complete description of this mechanism of protection following this link: http://www.costozero.org/wai/presentazione_copyzero.html (italian version only).

It is forbidden the use of the songs published in this site for commercial purposes or in any other than the private use(**).
Anyone interested in the marketing of our music can contact us as described in the contacts section.

However, we particularly welcome the sharing of these files via peer-to-peer.

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(*) The Digital Document, signed by digital signature scheme or with another type of electronic signature majority, has the effectiveness provided by art. 2702 of the (Italian) Civil Code.
Creative Commons License
(**) The songs published on this site are distributed under the Creative Commons License.

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